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Schedule Your Gem Candle Refill

from 8.40

Schedule Your Gem Candle Refill

from 8.40

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Schedule Your Refill

That’s Right, Your Gem Candle Can Be Refilled and Replaced!

If you live in Los Angeles, Orange or San Diego Counties, just order a refill and we’ll deliver at no extra charge!

Gem Candles, by Gemtera, come with a Lifetime trade-in guarantee. Just return your Gem Candle container to us (empty or not), and we’ll give you a newly refilled Gem Candle for up to 50% off.

Even better, you can choose any Gem Candle color, or scent for your refill or replacement. You can even get another size or totally different kind of Gem Candle! The trade-in credit is based on the value of Gem Candle returned, but can be used “across the board.” Got a small lotus Gem Candle from That’s $9.00 in credit when you trade in (50% of the original purchase price of $18.00)! You can get another small lotus for $9.00, or a large lotus, or anything else at, for $9.00 off!!! All “fancy” glass Gem Candles come with a 50% trade-in discount.*

*Entry level Gem Candles, including the Classic Mason Gem Candles and Stacking Gem Candles, will receive a 30% discount.

If you are refilling “by mail” because you can’t reach us in-person, click here, and we can still refill it for you! (The refill credit will offset shipping charges and the purchase price.)