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Why Gem Candles Are the Best Candles Available?

Zaneta BeckmanComment

1.  Gem Candles are The Prettiest

Gem Candles are vivid, clear and colorful.  Since they’re translucent, they shimmer and shine like no other candle on Earth. Gem Candles glow like raregems!

Glow Like a Gem - Burning Stacking Gem Candle - 15+ hours

Gem Candles come in many beautiful colors, from deep blue candles to lustrous, fire red candles, and in gorgeous, custom crystal and glass containers. They fill any room with luxurious, radiant candle light, setting a sexy and romantic atmosphere.  Explore our container candle offerings or just keep on reading. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lotus Gem Candle

Rainbow Tealight Bouquet - Burn time: 60 hours (total)

Skull Candle - Crystal Skull - Burn time: 50 hours

2.  Gem Candles are The Longest Burning Candles

Our unique candles are extremely long-burning – three times longer burning than any other kind of candle.  Our big, candle centerpieces can last you a year.*  Even our adorable small Stacking Tea Light Gem Candles burn 16 hours each, many hours longer than the next-best tea lights.

The reason our candles burn long is the efficient, natural oils which are clean burning too without harmful chemicals.

Crystal Cauldron Gem Candle, with Lid - 300+ Hours  

*Long-Burning Candles – With ordinary burns of about 3 hours, our Crystal Centerpiece Gem Candle burns over 350 hours!

3.  Gem Candles are the Cleanest Burning, Best Scented Candles

Gemtera’s clear and colorful scented candles incorporate a natural, mineral oil that makes for extraordinarily clean burning candles.  Tests have established that mineral oil candles are up to 80% cleaner than conventional candles.  That’s better for you and the environment. 

And the mineral oil base is much better at holding delicious scents and essential oils, clean and pure, making Gemtera’s the best-smelling candles out there.

For a relaxing, aromatherapy session, try our organic Lavender essential oil candles: Lotus Gem Candle.

For a cleansing, amp up your Zen with our serene, crystal clear Bamboo Scented Gem Candles available in different sizes, including Mason Jar size and Skull Candles (creates an appearance of fire dancing on water).

For something cheerful and energizing, try our bright Mango Scented Gem Candles.

Explore our Mason Jar Candles, Centerpiece Candles, and Man Candles (Skull Candles).

Please feel free to leave us a comment or Contact Us with any questions. Also, post your pictures of Gem Candles on Instagram with #GemCandle and #Gemtera.

Hidden Gems of San Diego - New Product and Winner Announcement

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UPDATE:  After a month of "hard" work visiting dozens of the beautiful treasures of San Diego suggested by our participants, we have selected winners for our Hidden Gems of San Diego contest.  With so many outstanding leads (like the breathtaking whole-city views of Kate Sessions Park, hidden shopping in caves of La Jolla, and a canyon-crossing walking bridge in the woods downtown!), it was very difficult to pick just one "Gem" as our inspiration for a new product. 

In the end, the answer for our product inspiration was staring (and oftentimes licking) us right in the face.  San Diego's is filled with PUPPIES!!!  Our beaches, parks, and even businesses all seem to boast puppy-friendly accommodations, and a general love for animals unparalleled in any other American city.  San Diego is the home of world-class zoos, Aquariums, dog parks and beaches, a sprawling Safari Park, and the Scripps Center for Oceanography, among many other treasures. 

San Diego loves its pets and wildlife so much, we decided that our next product should be dedicated to puppies.  So, without further ado, we are proud to announce:

Gemtera's New PUP SOAP:  With built-in finger-like projections that massage and get right into the fur, our new Pup Soap is unlike any other on the market.  The cute dog-bone shape is functional as well, establishing a firm grip in its indentations so the soap won't slip away.  This is a thick bar of mild, gentle soap, with lots of unique benefits:

  • A non-slip, ergonomic "dog bone" shape, with ample, thick brush zones;
  • "Finger-like projections" built right into the shape for a massaging, brushing shampoo experience;
  • Vitamin E:  Skin-nourishing, and calming, this vitamin is especially good for doggies with sensitive skin, and promotes overall health as an antioxidant;
  • Castor Oil:  The best essential oil for a shiny coat, this oil also promotes skin health and is soothing;
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil:  A rare, natural flea and tick protection option, this oil is also a key part of our formulation;
  • Mild glycerine and hypo-allergenic coconut soap base;
  • No SLS, No preservatives, No unnatural ingredients!

Thanks to everyone who has already tried our new Pup Soap, giving us so much encouragement and helpful feedback!  Since all of your suggestions helped, we have decided that EVERYONE who participated will get a free soap!!!  Just visit us any time at any of the many markets we are participating in, and get your free copy of our soon-to-be-patent-pending Pup Soap!  :) 

Come See us at these markets:

Tuesdays - Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers` Market from 2 - 7 pm.

Select Saturdays - Little Italy Mercato Farmers` Market from 8 - 2 pm.

Select Sundays - Hillcrest Farmers Market from 9 - 2 pm.

Sundays - La Jolla Open Aire Market from 9 - 1 pm.

Hidden Gems of San Diego

Zaneta BeckmanComment

Hello, San Diego!

We are a locally-grown body care company, and, as such, we like to celebrate the rare beauty of the Finest City that gave us our start: San Diego.   We love to make locally-inspired creations, like our new cool blue Ocean Wave body bar, with real sea salt, and shaped like a major barrel out of Wind-and-Sea beach, or our Motor Oil Soap, celebrating the tricked-out, hot rod car culture so prominent in Southern California.  As our name implies, we look to these rare gems for inspiration.

Last Sunday, at the Yelp! FIT Club Post-Party, we asked attendees to help us discover more hidden gems of San Diego!  Dozens of revelers told us their underappreciated places, activities and other things that make San Diego unique and colorful, on our Big Board of Hidden Gems.  Thanks very much to everyone for participating, and making this such a fun feature at the event!  If you couldn’t make it, but would like to chime in, please e-mail us your own “hidden gem” ideas by June 7th.  Just write us anything that you love about San Diego, that you think deserves more attention. 

At the end of the Month, we’ll select at least one of your suggestions as the inspiration for a new product, and announce our decision right here!  Anyone who contributes will get full credit for helping us create a new product, and we’ll send you some of the product created.  You can pick up at a nearby location to be announced, such as our weekly Pacific Beach Farmer’s Market appearances.  

We’ll also post a full list of the Hidden Gems of San Diego, according to everyone, with links to help everyone discover something new and exciting in our hometown!  For now, here is a shot of the Big Board of Hidden Gems, with active links for each of your amazing, hidden gem ideas!

Big Board of Hidden Gems of San Diego.  Yelp! FIT Club Post-Party.

Stay tuned . . .


Zaneta & Chris


PS: Thanks very much to Trish S. for helping us with the Yelp! API, to link many of the locations, and for her excellent help with this interactive project!  Thanks also to Andy for his very cool, quite literally hidden gem suggestion – Sunny Jim`s Cave in La Jolla, tucked away in a cavernous overhang, out of sight in La Jolla Cove.