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Gemtera's Unique (LA) Experience

Zaneta BeckmanComment

It was an honor and a blast being featured at Unique LA this weekend.  Where else can you meet so many other creative L.A. brands and be shopped by thousands of L.A.'s finest, including celebrities like the beautiful, talented @JanuaryJones and @TiffaniThiessen?  We're looking forward to attending again soon, with our Clear & Colorful, Gemmy lineup . . .  

Extra credit to the Unique Markets team, and their generous sponsors: Bundaberg Drinks, Califia Farms and GTS Kombucha, for keeping everybody hydrated with delicious drinks.  Thanks also to our new friends and neighbors Rose Gypsy (also a talented photog), Tiny Glacier (fancy ice cubes with ingredients so they don't dilute) and hundreds of new friends and customers this weekend.  This was a lot of fun!  

For all of you trying us for the first time, THANK YOU for putting your trust in us!  You are among the early friends and family who will always be on our special list for discounts, new products, and other treats.  

Here are some of the clear and colorful favorites with our L.A. base at the show (Note: we do free deliveries in L.A. County):  

The Lotus Gem Candle 

Available  here .

Available here.

Smooth and Creamy Lip Balms

Available  here !

Available here!

Our New Citrus Orange (2-Tone) Gem Candle

. . . with Real Citrus Essential Oils.  Available  here ,  here  &  here !

. . . with Real Citrus Essential Oils.  Available here, here & here!

Magnetic Steel & Leather Bangles

(Turqoise Was a Favorite)  Available here!